Before You Buy That Stroller

By M Martin If I ask you to close your eyes and visualize a stroller, what image immediately pops into your mind? Is it a dainty pink and white baby …

Top 5 Infant Carseat Features

There are literally hundreds of different car seats sold in the US market today. Even though all the eats sold in the US meet the safety requirement in a crash test, it is still a good idea to buy a car seat with a better set of safety features.

A Snug Tuck Pillow Makes a Great Bed Bumper

The Snug Tuck has been the perfect solution. The tubular foam pillow is as long as the bed and is secured by a strong elastic band and buckle that run under the mattress. There’s no need for a box spring and it’s extremely easy and fast to set up.

When Shopping for a Car Seat, Think Britax

Installing a car seat can be one of the most frustrating experiences a parent goes through. You tighten and adjust and install that little metal clip and try to lock it back in place and the seat is still loose. And you start the process all over until you convince yourself that it feels secure, even though it’s not.