Making your own baby car seat cover

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By James Anthony

We all know the importance of a bay car seat. It protects your baby should you be unlucky enough to get into a crash and have to contact the Car Accident Attorneys Joye Law Firm Clinton. As important as these car seats are, many of them are boring to look at and aren’t fun for the baby to sit in. If yours is like this then why not make your own? Making your own baby car seat cover is not a difficult task. Although there are ready made baby car seat covers available in the market, you might want to get one or make one for your car seat which uses a special print or pattern to go with your vehicles interior, or better yet which your kid likes. Colorful and patterned car seat covers not only look different and stylish, but they also get attention from other people. There are some seats that are good looking enough to go without a cover, my friend recently got an Ickle Bubba car seat and has nothing but good things to say about it.

If you make a car seat cover at home for your childs car seat, you will be better able to make one which fits onto the car seat exactly. If it isn’t fitted properly it can be a security issue. My friend recently was out on a day trip in their trade car with the car seat and had a car accident. Fortunately, they had the right sized seat cover, their trade car insurance uk told them that because everything was in order with their safety provisions they could get the most optimal claim but I digress. The ones available in the market might be either too large or too small for your specific car seat, and hence can give an odd look to the whole interior of the vehicle. Choosing and making a custom car seat cover will take care of this problem. Similarly, you will have the advantage of easily removing the car seat cover any time you want for easy cleaning. When making a car seat cover at home, you can make multiple of them to replace any old car seat as well to give it a brand new look, or to change your existing car seats regularly, without spending a lot of money on buying readily available and expensive car seat covers from the market.

When you decide to make a car seat cover for your baby’s car seat, the first step should be to measure the length and breadth of the seat and the backrest of the seat. Once you have the 2 measurements, you will need to add 10 – 12 inches to either of them to make sure that the extra fabric completely covers the car seat. After that, you will need to choose a fabric for the child car seat cover. Make sure that the fabric you use is easily washable so you can re-use it, does not get stained easily and is also breathable. Common fabrics to choose from is cotton or leather, and if you choose cotton, make sure you wash it once before you sew the covers so the cover does not shrink once the final car seat cover is ready. You can choose any design, pattern and color for the child car seat, according to your linking and also according to the vehicles interior in which you will be using it.

Deciding on a pattern is also very important once you have chosen your fabric. If you want to use double patterned fabric, with striped or plain cloth, it is up to you. It is best to first go through the different designs which can be sewn and then draw the pattern on paper. Extra fabric should be left on either side of the pattern with markings to make sure that the car seat cover does not become small. You can then trace out the pattern on large sheets of paper to finally cut the fabric according to it. The paper can be used as a stencil to guide you at every step so that everything goes smoothly. You can then cut out the fabric according to the paper stencil by pinning the paper and fabric together.

Once all the pieces of fabric are cut out, you can then start stitching the car seat cover. The border of the seat cover should be stitched first. An opening should be left which will let you turn the car seat cover inside out once you have finished stitching. Make sure you leave slits on the back of the seat cover to let the vehicles straps to pass through. Also make sure you hem all the slits so the fabric does not fray.
Once the car seat cover is stitched, you will need wide Velcro tape to attach to it to. Do not use elastic as it looses its elasticity over time. However, you can use elastic at the sides or the borders of the cover so that it fits snugly onto the seat. Once the Velcro tape and elastic is added, you can put the cover onto the car seat in your vehicle, and viola, Your brand new and classy car seat cover is ready!

The child car seats can make your trip hassle free, easy and convenient. For more information about baby car seats, you can visit Dependable Car Seats.

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