What Should Parents Do About Their Children’s Online Activities

By Joseph Zinsu

What will you do if your son or daughter have access to your credit card or have unrestricted access to the internet? Both situations can make you nervous, and involve a great measure of danger, so also require a great deal of responsibility. Parents cannot forever restrain their children from using their credit card, but it’s their responsibility to teach their children how to use a credit card wisely, so also access to the internet.

Parents need to understand the basic of how the internet works and what their children are doing online. It is very important that parent should learn, no matter whether you are young or old, about the internet so as to keep inform of modern technology.

There are ways to control your children online activities. There is software programs offer parental controls that act as a fence to stop any unsuitable pop-ups and access to dangerous websites. Most internet providers offer such programs, most of these software programs can help prevent your children from giving out personal information, like name and address.

Parent should not allow their children to have internet access in their bedroom, rather in a busy area where parents can keep close watch of their online activities; these will encourage them not to visit harmful sites.

Parents should always monitor their children online activities and let them know that you are monitoring them, because you don’t want them to complain about you interfering in their privacy. It is recommended that parents should always maintain access to their children e-mails, websites that they have visited and their online accounts.

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