Top 5 Infant Carseat Features

By David L Hoffman

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There are literally hundreds of different car seats sold in the US market today. Even though all the eats sold in the US meet the safety requirement in a crash test, it is still a good idea to buy a car seat with a better set of safety features.

We will help you go through 5 of the infant seat features that are important to your baby’s safety.

1. 5-Point Harness

There are two kinds of infant seats in the market: 3-point harness and 5-point harness. The 5-point harness usually straps the baby in better, and provide better protection against ejection when used properly.

2. Head Protection

Some infant seats come with a layer of EPS foam or similar materials along the sides of the child’s head. This layer of protection could improve side-impact crash safety.

3. Built-in Locking Clip

Many car seats require the use of a metal locking clip. This is to ensure the seatbelt holding the seat in place does not loosen over time. However, many parents do not use them correctly, and many others don’t use them at all! A built-in locking clip is easier to use, and more often provide a snug fit. It also eliminates the possibility that parents would lose the clip or simply throw it away.

4. Two-piece Chest Clip

A two-piece chest clip can minimize the possibility of ejection during a crash when used properly. It is also harder for a baby to reach the chest area, so there is less chance for the baby to loosen it.

5. Compatible Seatbelt Installation Option

Some car seats provide a few seatbelt installation options; others only the most common ones. Check your car to learn the seatbelt system (especially older models), and buy the baby seat that support that particular seatbelt system. Remember – a car seat that is not installed properly is an unsafe seat.

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