Gear up for travel, the stress-free way.

Baby equipment rentals that are clean, safe, and conveniently delivered—wherever your family goes.

When it Comes to Your Baby, We’ll Handle with Care

Safety and cleanliness are top priorities when it comes to renting baby equipment. Quality providers are extensively trained on safety and cleaning standards to give your family the very best rental experience. We make sure all gear is cleaned and sanitized with non-toxic, plant based products and tools. Every nook and cranny of every piece of equipment is meticulously cleaned before and after each rental. Providers also engage in ongoing training and are regularly monitored to uphold safety and cleanliness standards. Plus, with a covered baby gear rental, you may be protected with up to $1,000,000 USD in liability insurance.

We also make renting baby equipment easy by delivering and picking up at private residences, vacation rentals, hotels, airports, or wherever you find your next family adventure. We set up most of your equipment (excluding carseats and other baby proofing gear) and answer any questions you may have about your rental gear.

For All Your Baby’s Feeding, Sleeping, and Bathing Needs

Renting baby equipment isn’t just about the big cribs, strollers, and high chairs that don’t travel easily. With our wide variety of baby gear, you can now rent baby gear for smaller, everyday essentials too. We have specialty items like hiking backpacks, Snoos, and even beach packages to make vacation a breeze. So, pack light and leave your worries at home!


We know that every baby has different needs and different routines. Bedtime might require a crib, sound machine, and baby monitors. One of your kids might be old enough for a high chair at mealtime, while the other needs a bumbo chair. Bathtime might need a baby bathtub and a variety of bath toys to keep your little one happy. Whatever it is your baby needs to feel at home, our Quality Providers can deliver! 

What People Are Saying

“Renting equipment was great! As a new mom you get into bedtime and meal routines with your new baby. This made me petrified of traveling but we rented everything we needed. It made the trip relaxing and alleviated my stress levels. It was such a relief and such an easy process!” 

~ Blair G.

“We loved having everything all set up for us! We showed up to our vacation rental and our provider had gone above and beyond by setting up the crib and high chair for us. Our vacation started the moment we walked into the door! We didn’t have to waste time reading instruction manuals.”

~ Sarah H.

“We rent baby equipment all the time when our grandkids visit! We rented a package with a toddler bed, high-chair, sound machine, and age-appropriate toys. The kids have different toys to play with every time they stay with us. It makes things so much easier!”

~ Lisa S.

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