Feb 172008

By M Martin

If I ask you to close your eyes and visualize a stroller, what image immediately pops into your mind? Is it a dainty pink and white baby doll carriage pushed by a little girl in the park (a pram/carriage stroller)? Is it a sleek, aerodynamic masterpiece of a stroller pushed by a dad during his morning run (a jogging stroller)? Or is it an empty, stroller being pushed effortlessly down the aisles of the grocery store by its intended occupant, who prefers driving over riding (a lightweight stroller)?

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Dec 132007

Education Section

The Dunston Baby Language system “Teaches” you the language of your baby. Almost a decade of international research has found all newborn babies use 5 sounds to express their basic needs. Parents around the world are discovering the miracles of the Dunstan System; babies are more content, cry less and settle more easily. Your newborn has a lot to say and now you can learn their language.

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Dec 052007

So much has been made recently of the dangerous levels of lead in children’s toys from China, but as a parent should we only concern ourselves lead? CNN recently had an article on a new study that found kids today have a high level of chemicals in their bodies form PBDEs or the chemicals present in flame retardants.

Studies on the health effects of PBDEs are only just beginning, but many countries have heeded the warning signs they see in animal studies. Sweden banned PBDEs in 1998. The European Union banned most PBDEs in 2004. In the United States, the sole manufacturer of two kinds of PBDEs voluntarily stopped making them in 2004. A third kind, Deca, is still used in the U.S. in electrical equipment, construction material, mattresses and textiles.

The article followed the story of two young children, which testing revealed had chemical exposure levels up to seven times those of their parents. Very little is known about the long term effects these chemical can have on children but they are undoubtedly bad.

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Dec 052007

By Dominique Halet
Life Section
Christmas is quickly approaching and the time has come to soon send our invitations to the Christmas Eve or Day dinner.

Special occasions are a great time for friends and family and, in order to please our guests, we have to be creative when it comes the time to create our menu. But… if the Christmas turkey is a delicious meal, we would sometimes change our habits and eat something else.

Here is a Christmas menu idea including four different dishes from soup to dessert; which are simple to make special occasion cooking recipes but include a nice alternative to the Christmas turkey.

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Nov 022007

Perfect Petzzz

Looking for a hot gift for a young kids this Christmas? How about a pet that you never have to feed, clean up after or even walk? It sounds too good to be true until you check out the Perfect Petzzz’s family of toy animals.

These pets are so life like, you can actually see them breathe! Kids will be amazed – or fooled! – by these cute little creatures and no vet bills! Perfect Petzzz are sure to be one of the hottest gifts for young kids this year.

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Oct 182007

Apple TV

I love products that have the ability to change the way you live. Just as TiVo changed the way we watched television, the Apple TV has all but eliminated our DVD player. No more changing DVD’s or scratched discs, you just turn on the Apple TV, browse the menu for the movie you want to watch and press play. You and, most importantly, your kids will no longer have to wait for those annoying trailers that agonizingly prolong the start. Instant gratification.

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Oct 142007

Have you ever wondered how many people that were born around your time, share your name? Did you know that in the 1900s, Alice was not just a name for girls? Check out the Baby Name Voyager on iVillage. A very slick, interactive baby name viewer that tracks the names of babies born in the United States, as reported by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Oct 142007

Education Section

Starfall.com is a fantastic (and free!) website designed to help children learn to read. It’s primarily for first graders but I’ve found the site is appropriate and interesting for toddlers to children in third grade. Starfall.com is easy to navigate, even for children. It includes stories, games, songs, activities and movies all designed to teach children the essential skills necessary for reading. The four sections (ABC’s, Learn to Read, It’s Fun to Read, and I’m Reading) increase in difficulty beginning with letter names and sounds, then how to blend sounds and decode words and eventually on to fun stories at independent reading levels.

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Oct 092007

By David L Hoffman

Gear Section

There are literally hundreds of different car seats sold in the US market today. Even though all the eats sold in the US meet the safety requirement in a crash test, it is still a good idea to buy a car seat with a better set of safety features.

We will help you go through 5 of the infant seat features that are important to your baby’s safety.

1. 5-Point Harness

There are two kinds of infant seats in the market: 3-point harness and 5-point harness. The 5-point harness usually straps the baby in better, and provide better protection against ejection when used properly.

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