Feb 252011

By Farah N

Jigsaw puzzle is an interesting toy for your kid. It can be a great present for him. Jigsaw puzzle is not only a toy but it is a sort of nourishment for little kids. Basically, these are problems designed for little kids in shapes of small patterns or tiles. These small pieces are required to be assembled properly in a complete picture which is a great source of success for little kid at one end as well as learning at the other. Each and every small piece of the puzzle has some part of the picture which requires to be completed.

Jigsaw puzzles are available in a number of images. These may be the images of buildings, nature, animals, food and many others. It’s totally up to your choice what you really prefer for your little kid. Previously, these puzzles were designed with the help of hard cardboards. However, nowadays time has changed and advances have been achieved in this field as well. More diverse illustrations are created for little kids helping them to enhance their thinking and brain capability. Moreover, puzzles are designed with increasing levels of difficulty. These difficulties give more challenging tasks to little kids at one end as well as raise the level of confidence that they can face these challenges.

Many people think that Jigsaw puzzles are just for kids. This is not true. Jigsaw puzzles can be used by anyone depending upon the level of difficulty. Some puzzles are especially designed for teens and adults in this regard.

Jigsaw puzzles are available in a number of pieces that may range from one puzzle to another. You may find these in 30 pieces as well as 1000 pieces. Some commercial puzzles are also available in the market having 24000 plus pieces. However, if you are interested in buying a puzzle for your kid, it is advisable to always prefer small puzzles otherwise the child may get frustrated and may lose his interest in this activity anymore. Start with small and easy tasks, and after achieving them, go further towards difficult and more intricate tasks.

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Feb 152010

By Elysse Biaca

Reminiscing precious moments is a past time we all love. It’s fun, and sometimes poignant, to look at images from way back since these are all we have to remind us of the past. Your baby’s firsts are immortalized with those pictures you never got tired of taking. But before you take another shot, here are some tips in capturing great shots for your baby’s photo journal.

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Feb 052010

Life Section

By James Anthony

Making your own baby car seat cover is not a difficult task. Although there are ready made baby car seat covers available in the market, you might want to get one or make one for your car seat which uses a special print or pattern to go with your vehicles interior, or better yet which your kid likes. Colorful and patterned car seat covers not only look different and stylish, but they also get attention from other people.

If you make a car seat cover at home for your childs car seat, you will be better able to make one which fits onto the car seat exactly. The ones available in the market might be either too large or too small for your specific car seat, and hence can give an odd look to the whole interior of the vehicle. Choosing and making a custom car seat cover will take care of this problem. Similarly, you will have the advantage of easily removing the car seat cover any time you want for easy cleaning. When making a car seat cover at home, you can make multiple of them to replace any old car seat as well to give it a brand new look, or to change your existing car seats regularly, without spending a lot of money on buying readily available and expensive car seat covers from the market.

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Oct 092009

Education Section

By James Anthony

Pregnant and breastfeeding women often have concern that they are losing hair. Women especially experience postpartum hair loss which is completely normal and temporary. This temporary hair loss is completely unrelated to breastfeeding and women usually return to their normal hair growth cycle between 6 to 12 months after birth. It is during these 6 to 12 months that they are also breastfeeding the new born child, which is why they think that breastfeeding is the main cause of hair loss. However, this is never the case. Whether women nurse the child or bottle feed him by expressing milk using an electric or manual breast pump like medela pump in style advanced breast pump, breastfeeding never leads to hair loss.

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Oct 012009

By Joseph Zinsu

What will you do if your son or daughter have access to your credit card or have unrestricted access to the internet? Both situations can make you nervous, and involve a great measure of danger, so also require a great deal of responsibility. Parents cannot forever restrain their children from using their credit card, but it’s their responsibility to teach their children how to use a credit card wisely, so also access to the internet.

Parents need to understand the basic of how the internet works and what their children are doing online. It is very important that parent should learn, no matter whether you are young or old, about the internet so as to keep inform of modern technology.

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Dec 052007

By Dominique Halet
Life Section
Christmas is quickly approaching and the time has come to soon send our invitations to the Christmas Eve or Day dinner.

Special occasions are a great time for friends and family and, in order to please our guests, we have to be creative when it comes the time to create our menu. But… if the Christmas turkey is a delicious meal, we would sometimes change our habits and eat something else.

Here is a Christmas menu idea including four different dishes from soup to dessert; which are simple to make special occasion cooking recipes but include a nice alternative to the Christmas turkey.

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Oct 092007

By David L Hoffman

Gear Section

There are literally hundreds of different car seats sold in the US market today. Even though all the eats sold in the US meet the safety requirement in a crash test, it is still a good idea to buy a car seat with a better set of safety features.

We will help you go through 5 of the infant seat features that are important to your baby’s safety.

1. 5-Point Harness

There are two kinds of infant seats in the market: 3-point harness and 5-point harness. The 5-point harness usually straps the baby in better, and provide better protection against ejection when used properly.

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Sep 172007

By B Summoy

Every year, hundreds upon hundreds of children come to emergency rooms because of injuries involving high chairs. Unfortunately, some of these cases are fatal. Most of these injuries happen when restraint belts are not used and when children are not supervised. Deaths often occur when children fall under the tray and get strangled.

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Sep 082007

By Hilary Basile

Life Section

Children have little sense of what is safe and unsafe, especially when it comes to understanding the dangers of medicine. It’s time to check your medicine cabinet for unused, unneeded, or expired prescriptions. Disposing of these items safely will ensure they keep out of the hand of young people. Following are household safety tips for keeping medicine out of reach of children:

  • Remove the products from their original containers.
  • Mix the medicine with used coffee grounds, cat litter, or other undesirable items to divert accidental ingestion by children or pets, or double-bag the medicine.
  • Seal the mixture in nondescript containers, such as empty jars or sealable bags.
  • Throw all containers in the trash.
  • Return unused drugs to the pharmacy take-back locations for safe disposal.
  • Store used medicine in a locked cabinet, out of sight and out of reach of children.
  • Use child-resistance caps on all medicine containers.
  • Keep medicine in its original container so they are not mistaken for something else.
  • Take medicine with you if you’re called away before administering it, such as when you’re on the phone or if someone is at your front door. Don’t leave the container behind where your child could get a hold of it.
  • Replace lids and return medicine to its proper storage place as soon as you’re done with it.
  • Resist the urge to call medicine “candy” so your child will not intentionally seek it out.
  • Keep purses, diaper bags, guests’ luggage, etc. out of your child’s reach if they contain medicine.
  • Unpack medicine first from grocery bags before your child has a chance to investigate the contents of the bags.

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Aug 312007

By Gabriel J. Adams

Life Section

Hollywood is full of paparazzi that want to get that perfect picture of a celebrity, so they can sell it to the media and make a lot of money. They will go to almost any length to achieve their goal. Most of the time celebrities are trying to stop the paparazzi from taking their picture, and they get mad when they are followed. Not only do the paparazzi want pictures of celebrities, but they also want pictures of their babies.

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