A Snug Tuck Pillow Makes a Great Bed Bumper

Snug Tuck Pillow

Here’s an item we could not live without: The Snug Tuck Pillow. We first discovered it when we were searching for bed rail options when it was time to transition our oldest from the crib. He was a roller and loved sleeping snuggled up against the bumper of his crib. We were worried he would either roll himself out of bed or wake himself up when he rolled into the hard bed railings.

The Snug Tuck has been the perfect solution. The tubular foam pillow is as long as the bed and is secured by a strong elastic band and buckle that run under the mattress. There’s no need for a box spring and it’s extremely easy and fast to set up. (The foam is firm and breathes so it’s not a suffocation hazard or a dust mite magnet.) But what our son, and now daughter, love the most is how cuddly it is.

The pillow is also an excellent solution for co-sleeping families.

The covers come in dozens and dozens of colors and patterns and are easily washable.

There is nothing we don’t like about this pillow. It’s still easy to sit on the edge of the bed for nighttime stories and our children can still climb in and out of the bed in the morning.

We love this pillow.

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